Описание технологии:


THERMOFORMING is the change in the shape of flat blanks made from a thermoplastic polymer material at elevated temperatures and the effect of vacuum on volumetric formed articles. Due to the relatively low cost of technological equipment, this technology is extremely attractive in the manufacture of batches of products from 10 to 5000 pieces, and sometimes up to 30,000 pieces.





Main benefits:

  • Minimal cycle of preparation of production (7+ days);
  • Relatively low cost of the vacuum form / equipment;
  • The thickness of the applied material is in the range from 0.1 to 10 mm, and the dimensions of the products obtained can reach 2-3 meters in width and length and up to 1 meter in height;
  • Possibility to make small runs and single items;
  • The ability to form "negative" products of great depth;
  • Absence of stitches on products;
  • The possibility of manufacturing products with specified characteristics of the specific surface (color, embossing, glossiness, resistance to various types of impact, etc.)
  • The possibility of ultrasonic welding of products after forming.


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