Pultrusion is a technology for manufacturing highly filled fiber components with a permanent transverse structure. Currently, it is actively used in the production of polymer composite materials. Pultrusion is a process that enables continuous production of composite profiles with constant cross sections and material properties tailored to specific purposes. The method ensures consistent quality that can be reproduced.


The production of NCC in Moscow is equipped with the latest machines of Pultrex and MPI companies, which has the following characteristics:

  • Working force of machine tools: 11 000 kg. and 20 000 kg.
  • All machines are equipped with automatic cutting machines.
  • All machines are equipped with an automatic intelligent pull control system and temperature control.
  • Automatic optimization of the cutting speed for each profile, taking into account the thickness and type of material


NCC offers:

  • Building Profiles
  • Profiles for structural purposes
  • Electrical insulating profiles