Who are we?

We - the young, carried away, purposeful, creative, ambitious, energetic, friendly team of associates.


Composites are our choice!

Mikhail  Stolyarov, CEO
Mikhail Stolyarov


Alexei Rannev, Deputy CEO - Technical Director
Alexei Rannev

Deputy CEO - Technical Director

Stepan Zolin, Production Director
Stepan Zolin

Production Director

Pavel Yakushev, Administrative Director
Pavel Yakushev

Administrative Director

Oksana Potyagaylo, Head of Project Department
Oksana Potyagaylo

Head of Project Department

Evgeniy Rafailov, Head of Sales Department
Evgeniy Rafailov

Head of Sales Department

Zoya Alikina, Head of Project Department Direction
Zoya Alikina

Head of Project Department Direction

Andrey Chadin, Chief Financial Officer
Andrey Chadin

Chief Financial Officer

Reniya Bekhtereva, Head of Human Resources
Reniya Bekhtereva

Head of Human Resources

Sumenkova Olga, Head of Laborator
Olga Sumenkova

Head of Laborator

Anastasiya Shumakova, Head of Sales to Industry
Anastasiya Shumakova

Head of Sales to Industry

Vladimir Sadkovich, Head of Legal Department
Vladimir Sadkovich

Head of Legal Department