04.03.2016 The bus, produced in Russia received international recognition

Nanotechnology center of composites in partnership with the Hungarian engineering company Evopro was awarded the "Innovation Awards" in the " Urban Transport " category at the JEC World 2016 international exhibition in Paris for a unique solution in the development of modular, self-supporting, full composite bus body. 


23.12.2015 Mikhail Stolyarov CEO of "NCC" LLC on Kuwait’s State-run TV Chanel.

the General Director of "Nanotechnology Center of Composites" Mikhail Stolyarov in his interview for the "Good morning Kuwait" on Kuwait’s State-run TV Chanel told about the benefits of the composite products and its application to the construction, road building and automotive industries. 



29.07.2015 Nanotechnology Center for Composites on “Russia 1” channel.

Mikhail Stolyarov, the General Director of "Nanotechnology Center for Composites” in the interview in the "Morning of Russia" program on "Russia 1" TV channel talked about the ways to modernize an urban bus and the focus of the European partners. 



05.05.2015 Nanotechnology Center for Composites was featuring on Russia 24 channel.

Mikhail Stolyarov, the General Director of "Nanotechnology Center for Composites" in his interview in the program "Money of the big city" on “Russia 24" TV channel spoke about the reasons that inspired the Nanocenter to locate their production in "Moskva" Technopolis, as well as the plans for the near future.



20.04.2015  "Moscow 24" TV channel made a feature about "the buses of the future".

Alexei Rannev, the Chief Product Officer of "NCC" LLC in an interview with "Moscow 24" TV channel spoke about the production technology and advantages of fiberglass.



10.04.2015 Voice of America about the sanctions, innovative projects and NCС 

Voice of America is an informational Internet resource, offering news, analysis, coverage about the United States, Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. It described how the sanctions influence innovative projects in Russia in the whole and the "Nanotechnology Center for Composites" in particular.


31.03.2014 The first Channel made a feature about NCC.

The first channel showed a piece in the program "Dobroye Utro" on the results of the joint work of the Evopro Company and NCC, which is the bus made of composite materials. All the parts - doors, bumpers, bodywork and seats - are shaped on the special equipment. The parts are cut out of fiberglass according to the sample and are impregnated with a binding material. In eight hours, the bus parts are ready. Such a bus has plenty of advantages, including low fuel consumption due to lower weight. The engineers hope that such buses from composite materials will appear on the roads in the near future.




20.03.2015 Composite material buses on the channel "Moskva Doveryie"

In the framework of the program "Moskva. Podrobnosti" on the channel "Moskva Doveryie" the topic of industrial enterprises restructuring located in the center of Moscow was discussed. One of those is the former plant "Moskvich" which is now "Moscow" Technopolis. The host was primarily interested in the NCC Company, which is the resident of Technopolis. It is the company that remotely resembles our domestic automobile industry. The topic of the composite material buses and further application was also brought up.


19.02.2015. City composites in “Moscow today"

Mikhail Stolyarov, the General Director of "Nanotechnology Center for Composites" told in an interview to "Moscow 24" about the advantages of composite buses and other useful products made of composites for municipal services. Details of the programme are in "Moscow today."


Source:  "Moscow 24" TV channel


12.12.2014. Composite rails manufactured by NCC are installed in the regions of Russia.

Rails are not to be cleaned and painted. Such know-how has appeared on several sections of the M-5 highway. The specialists of the Federal Road Board "Big Volga" were the first in Russia to use the railings of new generation in Penza region as well as in other three regions of Russia: innovation, invented specially for bridge railing in Ulyanovsk, Saratov and Orenburg regions.


6.12.2014 products from composite material developed by the "Nanotechnology Center for Composites" has already been applied in urban planning.

What are composites? How to restore a bridge, to build road railings or a passenger bus only with the help of yarns and fibers, you will find out in the program "the City".