LFI (Long Fiber Injection) technology was developed by the German company Krauss Maffei in 1995. Characteristics of production: injection of a long fiber, a process used to produce components of the interior and exterior of cars, the construction of which has a complex shape, large dimensions and a painted surface of A class. In this process the chopped fiber from assembled roving is sprayed into a mold (matrix) with controlled temperature. At the same time, the liquid isocyanate and polyol are mixed, fed together with the chopped fiber into a matrix. All these components are sprayed onto the mold (matrix), the form is closed and filled by expanding the polyurethane foam as a result of the chemical reaction of the introduced components. A few minutes later, the polymerization is complete and the product can be removed from the matrix.

The production line LFI (Long Fiber Injection) from the German company Krauss Maffei is installed at one of  the facilities of OOO NCC in Moscow. The line is fully automated and equipped with robots.



With the use of this technology NCC is able to produce:

  • large-colored painted exterior elements of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, as well as special equipment with a A Class surface (bumpers, wings, hoods, spoilers, roofs, etc.);
  • details of the interior with various surface textures (instrument panels, door panels, armrests, etc.);
  • well hatches.