Development and maintenance of technical documentation for technology LFI, SMC, coloring products, work instructions and other things under the requirements of ISO 16949;


Key responsibilities:

• Development of the necessary technical documentation (specifications, technological charts for products, test methods).

• Selection of raw materials base and optimize consumption norms of raw materials and labor costs.

• Develop plans to deploy equipment, technical equipment and organization of workplaces, the calculation of production capacity and loading equipment.

• Participation in the development of technically feasible standards of time, calculation of material costs (consumption rates of raw materials, semi-finished products, materials, tools, etc.)

• Development of technical specifications for the design of specialized equipment, tools and devices, non-standard equipment.

• Overseeing the technological discipline and proper operation of process equipment.

• Formation of corrective actions to eliminate the deviations from the standard modes of production.



• Higher technical education, preferably in the field of manufacture of products made of composite materials and manufacturing automation.

• Work on the production of automobiles or automotive components.

• Knowledge of manufacturing techniques of composite materials and plastics within the requirements of ISO 16949.

• Experience in the development of technical documentation.

• Desirable: knowledge of technology LFI, SMC, color of car parts, cars, 5S, JIT (Just In Time), lean production.

• Independence, responsibility, initiative, work on the result, self-confidence.