Development of products from the stage of negotiation with a potential client to the stage of launching a new product into production, and further on the open market



• Preparation and implementation schedules for product development (from concept to development to industrial production);

• Negotiating with clients - existing and potential; identifying demands;

• Finding and analyzing marketing information, analysis of growth opportunities, communication with experts, suppliers, customers, competitors;

• Preparation of technical specifications, and coordinating them with clients;

• Evaluation of the cost of production, production parameters;

• Feasibility studies of the effectiveness of the product;

• Search for suppliers of materials, equipment, testing and certification laboratories;

• Conclusion of contracts with contractors;

• Prepare presentations for senior management and clients;

• Interaction with business units;

• Participation in the work in project groups.



• Higher education;

• Experience in project management and product development;

• Experience in preparation of specification and schedules, understanding of basic economic indicators;

• Experience in business correspondence;

• Experience in B2B;

• Knowledge in Marketing / Economics;

• Basic technical knowledge;

• Ability to collect, compile and organize information, to work in conditions of uncertainty;

• Personal qualities: independence, good communication skills, high trainability, ability to solve unusual problems, stress.