Manufacturing of underground, gas and oil GFRP pipeline protection covers, according to TC 2296-056-38276489-2017


Sizes: FT150; TF200; FT250; FT300; FT350 FT400; FT500; FT600; FT800; FT1000; FT1200; FT1400


The products have been tested and certified by the voluntary certification system “GASCERT”.


Pipeline Protection Shells are used to protect the pipeline from external loads and mechanical damage at intersecting points of underground structures, roads and railways.

They are also used for the detection and removal of gas in case of the gas pipeline damage within the cover.



  • Quick assembly, which does not require high-quality specialists,
  • Absence of welding,
  • Absence of corrosion,
  • Protection against stray currents,
  • Versatility during assembly,
  • Useful life up to 30 years,
  • Tight sealed,
  • Does not require maintenance.


Operating temperature of -50 to +100

The Development, production, and testing of the protective elements of pipelines according to terms of reference (ToR).