Why us?


  • We have the most advanced, comprehensive equipment fleet in Russia.
  • We work with the world leaders in the area of composites.
  • We do not have to reinvent the bike – we have access to the most advanced international technologies!
  • We have the best managers and process engineers - experts of the world level.
  • We offer relevant composite based solutions raising our business to a higher level.
  • Our competences are a ticket to your success!


What do we do?


  • Develop customized composite parts 
  • Invest into innovative start-ups
  • Design, engineer and R&D 
  • Lease out equipment 
  • Manufacture pilot products 
  • Consult 
  • We do not recommend composite applications where they haven't proved to be efficient


The participants of the Nanotechnology Center for Composites are as follows:

  • Closed Joint-Stock Company "Holding Company "Composite""
  • The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs
  • DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings B.V.