The Center

Mission of the Nanotechnology Centre of Composites is to make composites irreplaceable in various Russian industries.


And all of this because composites fly, swim, drive, support, reinforce, protect, insulate, and sometimes they conduct electric current.



Why us?


  • We have the most advanced, comprehensive equipment fleet in Russia.
  • We work with the world leaders in the area of composites.
  • We do not have to reinvent the bike – we have access to the most advanced international technologies!
  • We have the best managers and process engineers - experts of the world level.
  • We offer relevant composite based solutions raising our business to a higher level.
  • Our competences are a ticket to your success!


What do we do?


  • Develop customized composite parts 
  • Invest into innovative start-ups
  • Design, engineer and R&D 
  • Lease out equipment 
  • Manufacture pilot products 
  • Consult 
  • We do not recommend composite applications where they haven't proved to be efficient


The participants of the Nanotechnology Center for Composites are as follows:

  • Closed Joint-Stock Company "Holding Company "Composite""
  • The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs
  • DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings B.V.